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Pest Control:

Putting the lid on rodent issues forever

Pest infestation and activity is alarmingly high and uncontrolled. The result - product contamination. Many companies are unaware of how much stock they needlessly lose due to pest infestations. And - how much their bottom line is affected.

  • The latest trends and technologies in pest management in the food industry
  • Real life case studies that teach you the good, the bad, and the ugly of pest management
  • Storage solutions that minimise infestation
  • The controls and management system to help you prevent and handle any problems
  • ... plus witness a real life pest control inspection conducted by having a walk through at the venue

Glenn SearleSpeaker: Glenn Searle
CEO, Bugstop Industrial Extermination

If you want a pest control professional who is the expert in the food industry in NSW, Glenn Searle is the person to talk to … with 35 years in the industry and 27 of those years specializing in the food industry through his company, Bugstop Industrial Extermination Pty Ltd.

Glenn has developed and conducted countless pest and hygiene audits, created pest control systems that comply with HACCP, BRC & SQF standards, fumigation of buildings, silos and other food storing structures.

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